Praises for “Mischief in the Farm”

“If you love reading and want to instill it in your children, put “Mischief on the Farm” in their hands!  Jennifer Beauchamp has crafted a delightful story from her childhood in the 1960s that reveals the authentic view of Indiana farm life, from freedom of childhood days, and the feelings of a sensitive and independent girl.”

                -Ethel Lee-Miller, author of Thinking of Miller Place: A Memoir of Summer Comfort


 “The action and lessons learned in each story leave the reader longing to discover what mischief Jenny will lead Joy and Jay into next.  Jennifer’s stories describe experiences and characters which readers of all ages will enjoy!

                -Christopher Taylor, Director of Children’s Ministry, Christ Community Church


“These heartfelt pieces will appeal to young readers, especially those who may never have experienced life on a farm.”
-Samuel E. Turner, M.Ed.


“Mischief on the Farm allows me to experience a rural America I was never able to witness as a youth.  Jennifer eloquently and generously shares her childhood experiences with her readers.”
                -Tim L Boyd, Administrator, Family Life Academy School

I am so happy for you, and all the readers, "little and big," who will enjoy Mischief on the Farm like I did. Mischief is such a wonderful example of what today's stories need to be all about, and so deeply rooted in the memories of childhood when Jesus was watching, loving and guiding us so closely ... and still is.
With love and admiration, 

    -Penny Porter, Vice-President Society of Southwestern Authors

I just got home from church and read your new book…what a delight! I thoroughly enjoyed it and even recall some of my own similar childhood escapades. My daughter should receive this copy by Christmas and I will be back for a copy of my own. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. 

Blessings, Justine Barber

Jennifer, our seven year old granddaughter loves school and soccer. Reading books together has been important to us in the past, but lately she has not been interested till we began your book, Mischief on the Farm. She loves the stories and all the illustrations bring to life the engaging adventures. It was not long before she had questions, "gramma, what is a haymow?" Thank you for creating a real life, fun to read, adventure/educational book for children. 

We love it! Linda Laney  

You amaze me, it was wonderful. You wrote in such a way I could visualize what was happening before I looked at the pictures! I laughed out loud at poor frightened Sugar and the swamp monsters episode! The pictures were wonderful and the kids pages with activities were appropriate, helpful, and well thought out. You can tell a lot of time and heart was put in this children's book! So proud of you-to God be the glory! In Him, 
Tracy Steel Author

For more information on Scott Pross, the books illustrator, go to http://scottprossdraws.daportfolio.­com

Three bored children – a startled horse and a big explosion…
Lessons learned by all.

Wander into the magical world of storytelling told by a one-hundred-year-old corn sheller intertwined with the real live people he worked for. Join a perky little cactus wren named Tacky as he asks Sheller a million questions. Learn about the life of Sheller with six generations of the Gordon family on a working Midwest farm starting with Wilber Gordon in the late 1800's walking through his corn field hand picking ears of corn grown in row after row. Four generations later in the 1960's you walk with Jenny in those same fields, gathering ears of corn that the big combine missed. She filled bushel basket after basket to later feed through Sheller. Then jump ahead to the sixth generation in 2014 as Faith and Logan watch with amazement while Sheller quickly strips every kernel of corn off the ear they had dropped in him mouth!

Share the joy Sheller felt from being part of a family, feeling useful at the end of a full day's work.

Jump with Tacky, at just the mention of a rattle sound. Could it be a snake? Or join in his frustration of sneaky little mice stealing his food at night.

Explore new worlds as Sheller is packed up and moved to new adventures and friendships.

Mischief on the Farm,

Whose Forest Is It?


Sheller and Tacky the cactus wren

"Roots Tied Down"

Everyone is trembling – there’s a monster in the haymow…
Will dad have to pull the trigger to save them all?


“Monster in the Haymow”



Tacky the Cactus Wren"

​By Jennifer Beauchamp

“Mischief on the Farm”

By Jennifer L. Beauchamp

The "Roots Tied Down" Series

is dedicated to the memory of all the family who came before us. The books include Ancestry charts, Historical documents, Census records, photographs, and personal family stories and memories. 

This series was inspired from the Spiritual Marker Writing Class. Feedback from class members on family's reactions to the stories they had written and shared. Life is moving so fast, and my grandchildren are now becoming adults what better to share with them their own personal family roots.

A collection of real life children’s stories from the adventures that three lively children, Jenny, Joy and Jay experienced on their grandparents’ farm in Indiana.  Under the watchful eye of their parents, they also learned some valuable lessons along the way.  With a big red barn and acres of farmland to explore with cornfields, woods and a creek, there was never a shortage of mischief to go around.

“Shaking Up Sugar”

Illustrations are by Skylar M. Harris an award winning artist enjoying her last year of high school.  

A game of silent stalking in the thick blanket of snow…
Who is the face behind the mask?

Jennifer Laurie Beauchamp

Book # 1 Gordon Ancestry 

Follows the Gordon Clan and those who married into the family from Ohio to Indiana.  Farm life, hard work, a stone quarry, and a trail that leads all the way to the Panama Canal. The Mischief on the Farm stories are just a few of the adventures from the five generations that have lived on the farm.

Book # 2 Hess Ancestry 

The Hess family can be tracked from the port that left Germany to where they settled in Pittsburg Pennsylvania. But they married into an original Mayflower family! History flows through the pages of this book!  


Brother & Sister Story Telling 

Whose Forest Is It? Is a fun story where good overcomes evil
 and the trees of the forest learn a lesson about standing together as one, 
and who it is that really owns the forest!
This story has been a delight with students, kindergarten through third grade. They relate to the "sibling like" rivalry between the trees of the forest and 
felt the energy of the evil one invading their forest.