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Jennifer Laurie Beauchamp

NOTE: The Spiritual Markers Writing class has been on break!                                   If you are interested in participating in a future class or workshop                     let me know!

I want to especially thank Linda Laney for drawing my vision of Roots Tied Down for my book cover!

Jennifer Laurie Beauchamp

"Roots Tied Down"

​​"Write down for the coming generation what the Lord has done, so that people not yet born will praise Him"

Psalm 102:18

I chose the symbol of the rooted tree as my logo and titled my memoir writings ROOTS TIED DOWN. This is based on my daily prayer from God's Word in Jeremiah 17:7-8.

"Bless me O Lord, help me to daily put my trust in your hands. You are my confidence and my hope as I strive to reflect you with my life.

Grant me wisdom and strength like a tree planted along a riverbank, its roots reaching deep into the living water of Christ Jesus. A tree not bothered by the heat, nor worried by long months of drought or pain. May my life bloom with pleasing fruit that brings glory to you."

In the mid 90’s I created my Spiritual Markers Writing Group. I was inspired by God’s Word in Joshua 4:1-9. There the Lord told Joshua, have each of the twelve tribe leaders take up a stone on their shoulder from the parted Jordan Riverbed, and build a monument of remembrance at your camp on the other side, so your children will know what the Lord God has done. 

In the writing group I encourage women to record for future generations personal and spiritual encounters from their walk with the Lord, thus creating their own Stones of Remembrance on paper. In my logo my stones are intertwined within the roots of my tree as they embed themselves in the Holy and Living Word of God.

Every act of God

builds on the past with a view toward the future.